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Library Day: 
Gym Days:  Tuesday, Wednesday (outdoor), Thursday

Wishing you and your family a refreshing break. The students have certainly earned it. I also hope that we will see each other again on April 19.

Students are coming home today with lots of learning materials and supplies. Please try to keep these materials all together to allow for an efficient return to school if it turns out that we head back to class on the 19th. 

The students are also bringing home their Friday folder (or a pile of papers stapled into their agenda), which includes a recent Bible test and their progress report for the first half of this semester. I look forward to discussing your child's growth during our parent teacher conferences on April 20 and 21.

Google Classroom

For students to access Google Docs, click HERE. For each student from grade 4 to grade 8, their username is their firstname.lastname@ccshamilton.ca. Their password is the same as their chrome book password. If you need the password, please message the teacher about what it is. Although this is similar to an email address, students do not have the email function enabled as they are currently required to be 13 years old before having an email account.

Because we don't have daily access to the Chromebooks, Google Classroom will not be our primary method of assignment delivery, but we will be working with it a few times a week in order to help the students develop their skill in using this type of platform. I am willing to use Google Classroom for assignment delivery if any students will have an extended absence. Email me about this if you anticipate such an absence.



You can find some daily assignment names here.



Spelling List

Refer to the Review Sheets at the bottom of this web page for the spelling lists.

Memory Work


Links For Learning - Including Videos

Epic! Digital Library - A really good website for an online library. As a student in my classroom I have the ability to assign texts to students to read, students can do audio books here and they opened up 10, 000 more book since socially distancing has begun.  This will not be a mandatory resource for our reading program, but if we are doing a project and students are struggling to find a book at their reading level I can guide them using this site.  

Epic student code: cgt6294

XtraMath - This is a great math website for keeping up with math facts. I highly recommend this site as it really helps create fluency and it is short and sweet.  I have sent each parent an email detailing how to log into my classroom.  If you didn't receive it please let me know.  I'd love to have you in my classroom.  

Math Prodigy - I have opened a classroom for this site. It is just an additional resource to keep your math brain sharp.  It is a game that is aligned with Ontario math curriculum and is used by many schools. It's excellent and also super fun. Maybe you have an account already?  Let me know because I am pretty sure you can link  your current account to the classroom. When creating an account please use your familiar (first or last name) name so that I know who you are in the classroom.  

Class/student code: CB6A3E

Select new student if you don't have an account or you want a new one.  Then enter the class code. Next, create a username that is familiar and a password you will remember. Then write your password down. Lastly you will select your grade...which is grade

Typing Pal

The CCS Library purchases subscriptions to some databases that you may find helpful. The databases can be used by CCS students and families

Destiny Discover

Destiny Discover is the OPAC for the CCS Library. It hosts our entire collection, and it can be searched online! Want to see if we have a certain book or two,
and if they are checked in our out? The information a click away!

World Almanac Kids Elementary

Interactive content, Homework Help for grades K-4
Username: calvincs    Password: ccs547


There are lots of goodies here! Suitable for grades 4-8
Username: calvincs    Password: ccs547

Britannica School Edition

Britannica provides articles in 3 levels: Elementary (K-Gr. 3), Middle (Grades 4-6), High (Grades 7-12).
Username: calvin   Password: ccs547

Britannica Image Quest

All images can be used for any purpose connected to Calvin Christian School.
Username: calvin   Password: ccs547



Review Sheets

Spelling lists W Grade 6C Download