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Gym Days:  Wednesday, Friday (outdoors)

Reminders: Spelling test 12, Memory Work

Mme Van eek AIM French

Greetings Grade 5C Students, Parents, and Guardians,

What a fantastic week in 5C. The students can be very proud of their New Frances speeches this week. They worked very hard to write a script that could transport them back to the 1700s for a day. It was great to see their hard work pay off. This week we also developed our skills in hockey, read some dramatic chapters in our ‘Island of the Blue Dolphin’ book, and earned our way to an extra recess this week. 

Next week in Math we will finish our Unit in Geometry.We have begun constructing triangles this past week and we will be reviewing that for an end of the unit assignment next week. 

In Bible, we will be continuing our Unit on the book of Ezra and Nehemiah. The students are learning about the Israelites returning to Jerusalem and the complications that came with rebuilding the temple and fulfilling the prophecies while still under the Law. 

In Literature, we have been exploring different elements of poetry and the students are enjoying being creative challenging themselves with deeper thinking in poetry. Next week we will explore erasure poetry. 

In Socials  we are coming to the end of our New France unit. Next week, we will take a look at the fall of New France to the British. This will lead us into a conversation and writing activity that explores the question “Why do we have French on our Cereal boxes?”

We are also starting a new Unit in Engineering and where we will be building a ski jumper. Students will be required to use the materials provided to design a ski jumper that can go the furthest distance off a jump. Students are encouraged to bring in weights such pennies, washers, bolts or nuts to help balance the ski jumper. 

Hope you have a great weekend,

 Grace and Peace

~Mr. Schaefer


Google Classroom

For students to access Google Docs, click HERE. For each student from grade 4 to grade 8, their username is their firstname.lastname@ccshamilton.ca. Their password is the same as their chrome book password. If you need the password, please message the teacher about what it is. Although this is similar to an email address, students do not have the email function enabled as they are currently required to be 13 years old before having an email account.


Thursday Spelling Test 12, Memory work Proverbs 3: 5-6

Review Sheets can be found at the bottom of this webpage, under Review Sheets

Spelling List

countries *                addresses                  women *                    lessons *                    people * 

skis                           friends *                     roofs *                        calves                        fences

flies *                        lives *                         cherries                     businesses                 guesses

families *                  leaves                        pictures * 




To find the weekly spelling list, click on the calendar icon at the top of this web page, on the date of the test.

Memory work



Links For Learning - Including Videos

Typing Pal

The CCS Library purchases subscriptions to some databases that you may find helpful. The databases can be used by CCS students and families.

Destiny Discover

Destiny Discover is the OPAC for the CCS Library. It hosts our entire collection, and it can be searched online! Want to see if we have a certain book or two,
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World Almanac Kids Elementary

Interactive content, Homework Help for grades K-4
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There are lots of goodies here! Suitable for grades 4-8
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Britannica School Edition

Britannica provides articles in 3 levels: Elementary (K-Gr. 3), Middle (Grades 4-6), High (Grades 7-12).
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Britannica Image Quest

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Review Sheets

French Review - Objects in the class W Grade 5C Download