Book Fair 2023

Tuesday March 21 - Student Preview Day 

Wednesday March 22 and Thursday March 23 - Student Sale Day

Visitors are invited to come anytime on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during Book Fair hours.

Book Companies 

Living Books

This is a company that provides Christian books for children.
There will be a section for adults: Bibles, Devotional Books, Fiction, Nonfiction, greeting cards and more!

Payment accepted: Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cheques

Please make ALL cheques payable to: Calvin Christian School

Scholastic Books   

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Books provides a wonderful selection of great reading for great prices. Calvin Christian School receives a percentage of the sales back in books, making this a wonderful fundraiser for our library collection! 

Online Ordering Option for Scholastic Books - click HERE

Payment accepted: Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cheques

Please make ALL cheques payable to: Calvin Christian School

Each Student will receive a ballot for the Family Draw to win $25 in books for their family and $25 in books for their classroom. These will be distributed by the teacher, and brought to the library.

Some Other Details

Preview Day is Tuesday March 21

On Tuesday, students at West 5th in grades 1 - 8 will have an opportunity to preview the Book Fair. West 5th Kindergarten students and Unity students will not have a preview session, they will only have a scheduled time to visit the Book Fair on Wednesday or Thursday which are the "Sale" days. Grades 1-3 West 5th students will be accompanied and supported by their Reading Buddy. Students will be given a list, where they can record books that they might be interested in reading. This list is sent home for parents to look at, and indicate if they approve their child's selections. If parents choose to allow their children to purchase books at the fair, this is one way that they can be involved in the decision of book selection.

Sale Days are Wednesday March 22 and Thursday March 23

Each class is scheduled to come to the Book Fair Sale on either Wednesday or Thursday, from West 5th and Unity. The schedule can be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage.

Parents are invited to come to the Book Fair, and are welcome anytime the Book Fair is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Scholastic also has an online ordering option (the link to this is above).
Children are very clearly told that purchasing books is optional.

Parents and friends are welcome to come into the Book Fair any time the Book Fair is open.

Book Fair Hours:

Tuesday March 24 ~ 8:30-4:00

Wednesday March 25 ~ 8:30-5:00

Thursday March 26 ~ 8:30-4:00

2023 Book Fair Schedule This is a scheudle of when each class will be coming to the Book Fair March 21-23 W Library Download