On Friday, October 5, if you happened to be at CCS you might have smelled something yummy throughout the halls. Chances are that it was the grade 5 thanksgiving meal!

The grade 5 classes got together on Friday to build community and what better way to do it than a nice thanksgiving lunch together. And what a meal it was! Every student in grade 5 brought something for the meal.

We enjoyed turkey, ham, stuffing and even meatballs. Oh and don’t forget the pies and cheesecakes. There was so much food that Mr. Boonstra and Mrs. VanEgmond and the other staff were invited to join us. When we were done there was still a lot of food left. I’d say that there was enough food for a whole other thanksgiving meal!

It was a great day filled with community and excitement. Thank you for sharing the fun.

~Laene V