The 2017/18 Grade 7B students from Calvin Christian School are proud to be publishing their very own book of short stories and artwork; for most students, their first publication ever! Each student chose a topic within Canadian history to research, asking themselves why their topic is seen to be historically significant. Why was it important? How did it change or affect people’s lives? How was Canada’s history shaped or changed because of this event? Students then crafted a historically accurate story, with the goal of bringing that portion of history alive to our readers while also communicating the historical significance. 

Each student has included in the book; their story, artwork, a summary write-up, their photo and a biographical write-up about themselves. 

We were so excited when our book was delivered to the school on Tuesday, June 19th. We had a class photo shoot with the books and then enjoyed signing each other’s copies.

We hope that through sharing these stories that others might gain a greater understanding of events that have shaped Canada. All of history is filled with individuals, each with their own story to share!