Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to participate in Hamilton Spectator’s financial literacy program called “Making Life Decisions”. We learned about various concepts like renting and buying houses, to cell phone bills and donating to a great cause. Along with every lesson, we were able to do some work for ourselves on the Chromebooks with the guidance of our teacher and the article itself.

At the end, every partner group had the chance to give a tip that we think could help a first time home buyer. Our tip was “Save, spend and donate wisely! You should start saving right away because you never know when an emergency will come up. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nice coffee every once in a while! A good way to donate is to take 10% of what you earned and set it aside until you decide what charity it will go to.”

We then submitted this tip to the Spectator and waited to hear who would win the prize of $150 to a charity of their choice!

We soon found out that we had won! We were very excited and chose McMaster Children’s Hospital. This was a very fun activity we got to enjoy and it will definitely help us in the future!

Ally D

~Ally D

Sember V

~Sember V