How Can We Make Canadian History Come Alive?

For the past few weeks the grade 7B class has been working on historical stories.

In the beginning of December we invited the writer Mrs. Hosmar to teach us about the skills of writing historical fiction. Some of the skills that she taught us were how to research our story, starting our stories, and finding specific parts of our stories.

After Mrs. Hosmar came in, we started picking out parts of Canadian history and researching them. Then after many weeks of researching we began to write our stories.

Each student had to figure out the significance of how this changed Canada’s history. After writing for a few weeks the students began to finish their stories and begin editing. We learned from Sigmund Brouwer that the more you edit, the better your story is.

Later on in the semester we began to make artwork representing some of the significance and main points of our story.

When everyone finishes their story we will enter our stories and art into various contests called; the Kayak Illustrated History Challenge,the Hamilton Public Library’s Power of the Pen contest, and the Christian Courier contest. We will also be publishing a book together as a class.

When everyone finishes their art we will be displaying it in the foyer. We hope you have a chance to come and check it out!

Ryan B

~Ryan B

Asher D

~Asher D